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Give your kids the love of history through this incredible story-driven American history homeschool curriculum, all from a Christian worldview. View the full product here.

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Master storyteller Dave Raymond delivers a dynamic history of the United States in this popular installment of his four-year history series. He applies a Christian worldview to the characters, events, theology, literature, art, and religious beliefs of the nation. His American history homeschool curriculum has transformed thousands of Middle School and High School students. Yours can be next. American History is a one-year homeschool curriculum that consists of:
  • 130 videos (5 lectures per lesson, ~15 min ea)
  • 4 projects
  • Year-long Portfolio
  • Student Reader based on original sources
  • Teacher’s Guide with Scope & Sequence
  • Weekly Exams
Credit: One High School History/Social Studies Click on the FAQ tab for a complete breakdown of hours spent per area to qualify for high school credit. Please be aware of some brief artistic nudity in some of the historical artwork that is presented in the course. Dave Raymond lives in rural Middle Tennessee with his wife and 6 children where he has taught the humanities for the past 12 years. He teaches the disciplines of history, literature, composition, and Latin through Quiller Tutorials and Foundations Christian Academy.

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