Upload Lesson 6 – Framing, Depth, and Setting

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15 thoughts on “Upload Lesson 6 – Framing, Depth, and Setting

  1. What’s up, everybody! Here is my film for lesson 6.

  2. Here is my project!

    “The Soda Rush”

    By: Greyson Neumayer

    Thanks for watching!

    1. Even though this video was only a minute long and very simple, I really enjoyed it. The actor in your video was very expressive in a way that is very entertaining and the shots taken of random objects was smooth and engaging. Taking close-ups must not be easy since they take quite some effort. Whenever it film close-ups, I sometimes have to do it again since they do not turn out quite as I imagined and I would accidently jerk the camera. Great video!

  3. Hey everyone! Natalie here! This is my film entitled The Fun Hunt! Hope you all like it! https://vimeo.com/415760238

  4. This is Lauren! Here is my video called “Free at Last”. Link: https://vimeo.com/415752226

  5. Sara Jo here! Here’s my adventurous film called ‘Journey to the Unknown’

  6. A little late, but here, finally, is my 6th assignment!!! Enjoy!

  7. Here is my film for lesson 6 help from a friend


  8. Here’s my film for lesson 6. Hope you like it! https://youtu.be/2hfFV78STiI

  9. Here is my assignment for Lesson 6, The Stolen Car – https://vimeo.com/310360597

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