Upload Lesson 5 – Parallel Editing & More

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15 thoughts on “Upload Lesson 5 – Parallel Editing & More

  1. Here is my project, Time in a Machine: https://vimeo.com/420461764
    You’ll need a password to view it: 123kendall

  2. Hi everyone! Here is my project.

    “The Candy Race”

    By: Greyson

  3. Hi! This is Lauren! Here is my video called “Girl vs. Boy”: https://vimeo.com/398861527 Enjoy!

  4. Natalie here! This is my film, 16-Yr-Old V.S 3-Yr-Old Day. Hope ya’ll enjoy it!

  5. Hello this is Sara Jo and here’s my masterpiece!

  6. Here’s my film assignment: https://vimeo.com/392841643

  7. Here, AT LAST, is my film assignment for Lesson 5:

    1. The chase scene was captured smoothly and the close-ups of running feet added a little intrigue. The bonus scenes that were added at the end of the video were amusing and they cracked me up. Great video! –Lauren

  8. Here is my fifth assignment, Thief: https://vimeo.com/305103720

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