Upload Lesson 3 – Editing Action

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27 thoughts on “Upload Lesson 3 – Editing Action

  1. Hi! This is the link to my film.
    It is called WAR.
    Password: Strawberries

  2. “A Pirate Story”
    By Eli Zimmerman

  3. Link to finished film: Lesson 3, Up on the Housetop

  4. This film is called “Banana Cure”
    by: Greyson Neumayer
    Starring: Silas Neumayer (my brother)
    (My name is Greyson. I am just using my school’s email.)

    Thanks for watching!

  5. Here is the 3rd project: https://vimeo.com/377991587
    It is called Sherlock the Kid and the Missing Christmas Train.
    Please use the password: 123kendall


  6. https://vimeo.com/377636943 is my film. This is Sara Jo and took a bit of time to actually produce. Regardless, I hope y’all like it!

  7. This is Lauren. Here is my video called “Hide-and-Seek”: https://vimeo.com/376709654

  8. https://vimeo.com/377376187 by Natalie called “Gone with the Lights”. I hope ya’ll enjoy it!

  9. https://vimeo.com/328857400 this is my film, i wanted to make a lego movie and it was taking a rely long time so i didn’t finish editing it . Enjoy (if possible)

    1. Hello! Sara Jo here, and I just wanted to say that even though the film may have taken a while, it was very well put together and the whole plot of the film kept me hooked. I also enjoyed the hilarious moments such as the catapult problems and the look on that leader’s face!
      You’re doing amazing!
      -Sara Jo

    2. I love your very creative capture the flag Lego video! My favorite part is when the Lego figure on the throne got so mad that he burned up! I thought it was hilarious! One question: did you use stop motion animation to make you video? Just curious. Anyway, I think you did a super job!

    1. Woah! I really enjoyed your film! The whole storyline and the idea of a kidnap kept me hooked the whole time! I really enjoyed how you used what I like to call ‘pop up captions’ that explain where who is where.
      You really know how to make a good plot!
      -Sara Jo

  10. Whiteboard – a short film by George Kroeker

  11. Evy’s film-making assignment

    1. That video was clever and humorous! Especially the part when the hooded person took the celebrity by surprise and followed her around just to get her autograph. Great video!

  12. here is my assignment 3 film rescue in the woods

    1. That film was fantastic! You picked a scenery that really fits the plot and the sword fight was filmed clearly along with the whole video. I also liked how the characters were dressed and the swords they used. Great post! — Lauren

  13. Here’s my film, Bicycle Thief: https://vimeo.com/298232971

  14. Here’s my film, Treasure in the Woods!

    1. Hey Barbara! Your “Treasure in the Woods” film is amazing! I really like the part when the two smaller kids took the treasure box from the two older kids, who weren’t paying any attention. I thought it was very creative of you to use chocolate coins as the treasure. Great job!

  15. This is the classic tale of the trojan war as told by
    Edwin S Porter

    1. Hi, this is Lauren in your film class. I enjoyed watching your film. The black-and-white format and the old piano music made your film look and sound like one of the earliest films. I know this took a lot of time and effort, but it made your film very interesting. The buildings in your film were perfect, making it appear historic.

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