Upload Lesson 2 – A Magical Story

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49 thoughts on “Upload Lesson 2 – A Magical Story

  1. Hi! This is my short film “Le Problem Du Orange.”
    Password: Mangos

  2. Backyard Clean Up
    By Eli Zimmerman

    1. Corrected link to Backyard Clean Up

  3. https://vimeo.com/534193365
    “What to do this Afternoon” by Jill Godshall (me!) starring Greta and Kate Godshall.

  4. Link to finished film: Simple Story

  5. https://vimeo.com/438451935 This is the link to my video called… “A Flat In The Middle Of Nowhere.”

  6. “I Can’t Find My Charger!”
    By: Greyson Neumayer
    Starring: Silas Neumayer (my brother)


  7. Here is the link for my second project “A Magical Story”, titled “Sherlock the Kid and the Lost Bear”: https://vimeo.com/370537325 Please use the password: 123kendall


  8. “Infant Invasion!”, by Sara Jo. Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/366148717

  9. “The Problem with Peas”, by Lauren. Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/366104042

  10. Homework Be Gone! By Natalie. Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/366098605. I hope you all will enjoy it!

    1. I liked the music that played along with the video. It captures and fits the situation perfectly. The video was also taken at a great angle without any shaking. Great video!

  11. “The Remote Dilemma”. By Novafilm Studios, writen, directed, and edited by Landon. https://vimeo.com/329882432

    1. The jazzy tunes made that video more interesting. I liked the part when the boy clicked the remote at a car backing up and turned it into a toy car. The boy’s reaction when the car was about to back up was amusing. Good video!

    1. the password is: food

    2. Hello! Although my cover says ‘kimberly’, my name is actually Sara Jo. That music you chose is perfect for the mood of the film. I really liked it when he solved his problem by getting cereal! Also, him rolling off the bed only to collapse on his face was a very nice touch!
      -Sara Jo(Petmaster)

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL8LhCsyeU
    I hope this comes through. This is my first time doing this and I don’t know if it will work. If it doesn’t just look up the link.

    1. sorry this is for the first assignment.

    2. Hi! I know that there are three kimberlys but, two of them are my sisters. My actual name is Sara Jo (I guess I’m the third kimberly) and I really did enjoy your film. Even if it was the first assignment, I enjoyed how you captured the beautiful scenery of the water and how you sort of faded and got up close. I also really love that music! It really does sound like a flowing river.
      -Sara Jo

    1. Hi this is Sara Jo despite, the name saying, “Kimberly”. I just wanted to write that I enjoyed that you used an every day dilemma (losing keys) to make a clever and funny video. Also, you angled the camera at the right position that still showed all that was happening but kept the camera from moving around a lot. I really enjoy your videos!
      -Sara Jo (Petmaster)

    1. DO NOT LOAD THIS ONE. It did not complete in uploading before I gave out the link.

    1. I love the piano music you put into your film. I also thought that the solution to the man’s problem was funny and creative. In other words, awesome job on your film!

    1. I love your film because it reminds me about how I sometimes fight with my sisters. I never knew how funny it would look in a silent film. You did a great job, April!

  13. Here’s My Film-making Assignment 2 Trouble Reading!

    1. Very funny, good punchline.

    2. I thought it was really funny when the boy was telling his mother about the problem with the light but she didn’t stick around long enough to know what he was talking about. I also love the expressions of the boy when the lamp disappeared. I guarantee you that music would make the film funnier. Your film is amazing.

    1. I liked how the boy helped the girl climb a tree and hang out with her there. It was sweet, despite not having any music or audio. I thought it was funny when the boy accidentally left her in the tree when they were being called inside. Good Video!

  14. The Box in the Park – by George Kroeker

    1. Dude I really like this.

  15. “Hitlers New Bomb” is a ww2 retelling of a trip to the moon. ft. Grant Sherry

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