Bible Study

Modern Parables
Modern Parables is an original film-based Bible study series on Jesus’ parables. It uses short films combined with teaching by pastors and in-depth study materials to create an entirely new learning experience.
Grade Level:Adults, Small Groups
Format:DVD, Download, Streaming
Is Genesis History?
Bible Study
Explore what the Bible teaches about the first chapters of Genesis. This study complements the film Is Genesis History? by providing an in-depth look at what Biblical authors say about six key doctrines associated with Creation, Adam and Eve, and the Flood.
Format:DVD, Paperback
Seek Social Justice
6 Lessons on Poverty & Compassion
Seek Social Justice is a small group video curriculum on poverty and social justice. Free Download.
Grade Level:Adults, Small Groups
Format:Download, Streaming
Bible Comes Alive
Beginning with Adam & Eve and continuing through the stories and characters of the Old Testament, the life of Jesus and the early church, these dramatized stories narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue are sure to be a favorite of every child.
Grade Level:Lower Elementary