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Visual Latin & Henle Teaching Guide
Latin Culture Film - Claudius

We’ve compiled all our Latin Resources onto one page, to make learning Latin as simple and stress free as possible.  Feel free to let us know any others you find useful for your family!

Latin Apps & Games
Latin Apps & Games

Lingua Latina Resources

Latin Pronunciation

People ask our Latin instructor, Dwane, all the time what the difference is between classical and ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation. There are three major differences.

Latin Dictionaries

Latin Bibles: Print & Online

We don’t recommend students start trying to read directly from the Latin Vulgate until after finishing Latin 1 (Lesson 30). All of our readings are simplified versions of the Vulgate. However, when that time comes, here are some options for purchasing a Latin Vulgate.

Latin Readers & Texts

Our favorite Latin reader is Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, Pars I: Familia Romana by Hans Orberg. (There is also a book of exercises that go with it.) And if you feel so inclined, the teacher’s materials. Here are Tests and Quizzes for Lingua Latin, Free lists of Lingua Latina vocabulary, and Free online flashcards for Lingua Latina.

We also provide some free Latin readers in our store. These are great simple stories for students to try out their new Latin skills and practice what they’ve learned.

The Latin Library – A fantastic resource of original texts in Latin ranging from classical authors like Cicero (1st century B.C.) to Christian authors like Milton (18th century A.D.). Although some of these works are far from simple, many of them are approachable by a student who has made it through Lesson 20 of Visual Latin.

Latin Audio

  • Cornelia – Visual Latin teacher Dwane Thomas reads Cornelia one chapter at a time. What is Cornelia? Written by Mima Maxey in 1933, Cornelia is a fun Latin story about the adventures of a young girl living in the United States in the early 1900’s.
  • The Lord’s Prayer & Apostle’s Creed – Dwane Thomas reads these historic texts with Ecclesiastical pronunciation.
  • Nuntii Latini – This Finnish radio station broadcasts current events in Latin!
  • Classical Latin – Recordings of famous passages of Latin poetry and prose.
  • Harvard – Professors from Harvard (and other universities) recorded famous passages from Latin literature.
  • Alatii Recitationes – Repository of links to Latin audio & other Latin resources.

Latin Apps & Games

Latin Culture Films

Claudius: Boy of Ancient Rome – A short film made by Encyclopedia Britannica in 1964. Narrated in English, but features Latin dialogue with English subtitles.

Latin Chalkboard Videos

Visual Latin instructor Dwane makes a new video almost every weekday explaining a Latin question or concept. (Click the Playlist button, the pancake stack in the top left, to select topics.)

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