Upload Lesson 10 – Comedy as Complex Sequence

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5 thoughts on “Upload Lesson 10 – Comedy as Complex Sequence

  1. Hi! This is Lauren, and here is my film titled “Building Troubles”. Link: https://vimeo.com/552131127

  2. Hi! Natalie here! This is my film, Poorly Planned Picnic! It didn’t go entirely as I had planned but hopefully it’s alright! https://vimeo.com/533792225

  3. Hi everyone! Sara Jo here!
    This is my film called The Trouble with Vases (see if you can recognize the music)


  4. Here’s my assignment, Technical Difficulties: https://vimeo.com/336804458

    1. Funny. One thing I would suggest is not dwelling on the same camera shot for so long. Other than that, not bad.

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