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free wordup flash cards

WordUp! Flash Cards

We are always happy to offer free resources that provide review opportunities for our amazing video courses. We have finally created double-sided printable WordUp Flash Cards.

Why Study Latin

Why Study Latin: A Mom’s Perspective

Are you trying to decide if Latin is the language you’d like to learn in your homeschool? Read a mom’s perspective on the benefits of incorporating Latin in your child’s curriculum.

teaching a language

How to Teach a Language You Don’t Speak

Are you researching foreign language curriculum for your homeschool? Are you afraid you won’t be able to teach your kids a language you don’t speak? Learn some simple tools to encourage yourself and your kids to learn a new language.

visual latin tip

Visual Latin Course Tip!

Dwane frequently receives emails from Visual Latin families with questions on how to teach Latin. Especially once families reach lessons 11+. Dwane offers this valuable Visual Latin Course Tip … […]

Study Latin

Why Students Should Study Latin

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a million times … why study Latin? Latin is a “dead language”. It might not be a conversational language however there are numerous […]