WordUp! Flash Cards

free wordup flash cards

We are always happy to offer free resources that provide review opportunities for our amazing video courses. We have finally created double-sided printable WordUp Flash Cards.

WordUp! The Vocab Show

When WordUp! first launched we heard from many homeschool families how pleased they were to have access to a fun and engaging language arts supplement. It’s fair to say we all know the benefits of learning Greek and Latin roots.  But usually language arts can be a bit … boring. Who better to teach this course than our favorite punny Latin teacher, Dwane Thomas?

We are proud each WordUp! video is jam packed with information, quality examples, and jokes. But even as a supplement we knew the course was missing a few key components all homeschool families love. We needed offline study materials.

WordUp! offers many online options to review including: flash cards,  matching games, spelling and a lesson test. We believe these are great reinforcements to our video lessons. But we were also lacking a list of every single vocabulary word.

WordUP! Flash Cards

The free double-sided printable is a smart option for reviewing random words from any lesson, one giant final matching review game, studying in the car or when the laptop battery dies. We are also happy to include a master list.

WordUp! Works !!

Homeschool mom of 11 years, Stef Layton shares: If you haven’t purchased WordUp! yet I highly recommend this language arts supplement. The videos are full of valuable information, Dwane’s jokes really do help my boys remember the words and word origins. (I may have had to remind my boys to remember the definitions before retelling the jokes), and you’ll be surprised how quickly your students will start using these great vocabulary words.

While cooking my 6th grade son paused for several minutes, winked, then let us know he was “temporizing” because he wasn’t sure which ingredient he needed next. WordUp! is a fantastic resource you can easily incorporate into your language arts lessons. Grammar is difficult enough, WordUp! never felt like monotonous “work”. 

I am so happy Compass Classroom has included flash cards as a free resource. This makes random review so much easier plus I can 3-hole punch the beautiful master list for our homeschool portfolio.

Word Up! The Vocab Show

Dwane Thomas of Visual Latin fame stars in a zany show teaching Latin and Greek roots, as well as hundreds of English words.