Modern Parables During Advent

Modern Parables During Advent
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We are happy to offer you 40% off Modern Parables during Advent.

If you’ve been celebrating Advent since your children were little chances are you’ve made all of the Christmas tree crafts, read every picture book you can get your hands on, and followed a daily reading list. What’s next for older children?

We believe Modern Parables is an interesting “Advent Alternative”. Your family can count down to Christmas together learning the Parables of Jesus. The films are not loosely based on the parables, but very accurately follow the original text. The goal of the films is to re-create the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual impact of the original parables. It is high integrity to the Word of God in all its parts that makes the study so effective.

Modern Parables During Advent

Advent is celebrating the coming of Christ. This year use these 12 lessons to better understand the teachings of Jesus. Modern Parables is geared for middle school aged students to adult small groups. 

Parables included: Hidden Treasure, Good Samaritan, The Shrewd Manager, The Widow & Judge, The Sower, and Prodigal Son.

Sample Lesson: Hidden Treasure

A light comedy about an unsuccessful real estate agent who finds oil in a field and must convince his wife they should sell all they own to buy it. (Lessons 1&2 in the Modern Parables series.) Read a sample lesson and watch the videos below.

Modern Parables

An original film-based Bible Study series on Jesus' Parables. It uses short films combined with teaching by pastors and in-depth study materials to create an entirely new learning experience.


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