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We are happy to provide our Compass Classroom Family with another free resource! Creative Writing Prompts are a fun additional resource for the Grammar for Writers course.

Grammar for Writers

Grammar for Writers was launched in the spring of 2019. This 1/2 credit elective has been helping middle and high school homeschool students write better. We have received great reviews, and we are pleased with the feedback. You can read those reviews on Pinterest

One review suggested a space for creative writing opportunities. The Course Materials offer fill-in-the-blank answer options. We think adding a creative writing element is a great idea. Compass Classroom mom Stef Layton decided to create the Creative Writing Prompts download and offer these prompts as a free resource to our community.

Please note! The curriculum was created as a 1/2 credit elective and these new writing prompts do not add nor take away from that 1/2 credit. This download is simply an extra opportunity for students to start implementing what they have learned from each lesson. This is not required course work, but we think creative writing offers many benefits.

Why Creative Writing?

  • Creative writing encourages students to exercise their creative minds and practice using their imaginations. 
  • Creative writing offers a place for self-expression. 
  • Creative writing gives struggling writers self-confidence.
  • Creative writing helps strengthen Communication and Persuasion Skills.

Creative Writing Prompts

These free Creative Writing Prompts were created using the sentences from the Grammar for Writers Course Materials.

Stef shares, “The extra writing assignment is easy. Have your students pick one topic from the “master list” and then write an interesting short story on the following pages. The point of Grammar for Writers is to help students write better! So what better way to kick off the habit of self-editing, using more ly words, and ditch dangling modifiers by writing short stories?!  

Keep this download handy and pick a different prompt each week. We will 3-hole punch these short stories for our language arts binder.  If your homeschoolers are anything like my boys, you might have to assign a minimum/maximum paragraph requirement or they might start working on their first novel and forget all their other homeschool subjects. I left the last page blank for a reason. My boys love drawing a cover page to their short stories. Anything to keep language arts engaging and fun.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. ~ Einstein

Just now hearing about Grammar for Writers? This 1/2 credit video course is geared for late middle school and early high school students.

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