Course Recommendations from Compass Classroom Moms

Which Course is Your Favorite

We asked a few of our loyal customers which one of our products they liked the best. It’s no surprise these amazing moms all had different answers. We think our products are great too. Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!

Compass Classroom Course Recommendations

Grammar for Writers

Grammar for Writers is my new favorite!  Despite having a degree in English, I was unable to find a Grammar curriculum that suited our family enough to recommend to my readers.  Most are dry, redundant, and extremely teacher-intensive.  But with Grammar for Writers I finally have a program I can recommend!  This curriculum is the perfect way to teach grammar with short, integrated lessons that have purpose and application to real world living and learning!

Amy, Raising Arrows

American History

My 10th grade son is going through the American History course right now and he absolutely loves it! He really enjoys the assignments and the videos, and it’s the most excited I’ve seen him over a history course in awhile!

Caroline, Modest Mom Blog


Our favorite class has been American History. We have really struggled to find a history course that all of my teens actually enjoyed. Dave Raymond’s American History was the answer!  Dave makes history interesting and his course is very comprehensive. I appreciate the fact that it is presented with a Christian worldview… helping my teens see connections to the bigger (and most important) picture.  I was so glad to see the course use primary source documents for the student readings (including the Bible). It is honestly a perfect balance for a history course… an interesting teacher who keeps the course interesting and challenging, thoughtful student work.  

Trish, Hip Homeschool Moms

Visual Latin

As classical learners, our family has embraced the value of learning Latin, but it was not until we started using Visual Latin that it became a subject we actually wanted to study. This program has alleviated so much of the burden of learning a difficult and antiquated language. Not only does it provide solid and understandable instruction, but it also includes a healthy dose of humor which has helped with retention and mastery. Instead of dread, we find ourselves actually looking forward to our daily Latin lessons! 

Brandy, Half Hundred Acre Wood

The free Visual Latin lessons you may download and watch will have you hooked. Watch them with your children only if you want to hear… Laughter. Soon followed by, “Can we watch another?” Then after the second introductory lesson, “Can we watch just one more?”

Tricia, The Curriculum Choice

My favorite Compass Classroom course is Visual Latin. As roadschoolers, I love that the materials are available in a digital format online (but I can also download the video files to keep locally for when our internet access is slow or not available) and we’re not weighing our RV down with more paper. As a mom, I love that my 12 year old can work 100% independently on his Latin on a daily basis – no lesson planning or teaching needed from me. My son loves the style of Dwane’s teaching: short videos that are not overwhelming and plenty of humor to keep what can be a difficult subject light and fun. If you’re looking for a foreign language course that will keep your student’s interest and is easy on you as the teacher, Visual Latin is the course you need!

WordUp! Vocab Game Show

Technically, WordUp! is not a core class. But it is the perfect supplement to any Language Arts curriculum and definitely our favorite. Dwane played every part perfectly and did an awesome job delivering dad jokes while teaching my middle schooler 200 Greek & Latin roots.
I wish they would have made a WordUp! 2.

Stef, FlaHomeschooling

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