4 Reasons to Shop the Black Friday Sale

black friday sale
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I’m a homeschool mom of 10 years and I have fought every year to keep the focus of the holidays in the proper place. We have always spent the month of November giving thanks and counting blessings. So Black Friday sales can sometimes feel like an abrupt halt and gratitude invader. Especially when Christmas rolls around and every present you open you’re informed, “that was a door buster”. Just my sister?

The truth is, I’ve never been a Black Friday shopper. I’ve always disliked the in-your-face marketing commercials. We go from giving to getting at the lowest price.
However over the last few years I have made great homeschool curriculum purchases during Black Friday. 

4 Reasons to Shop the Black Friday Sale

Even though I will never bust any doors with a shopping list and get all my Christmas shopping done in November, I do online shop for curriculum! I have found November to be the perfect time to evaluate curriculum, add or remove, and grab the things I love at a discounted rate. I want to share my top 4 reasons to shop the Black Friday Sale.

Ditch & Switch

Right now if you are displeased with a certain product you purchased over the summer you have a great opportunity to ditch it and switch it for cheap. Don’t keep pressing down that path of curriculum regret.

 Many years ago my son was struggling with a certain science curriculum. He hated it. I hated it. I’m pretty sure it hated itself. But mama didn’t raise a quitter. We were going to see it through until the arm wrestling to start lessons and complaining was too much to continue. A Black Friday Sale helped me pick out a totally different curriculum and save a few dollars. We started the new curriculum after the break and everyone was happy.

Stocking Up

Chances are you probably know if you absolutely love what you are using or know beyond the shadow of doubt you’ll need the next volume next year. Why not purchase it on sale now? When you love a brand, teacher, etc. it’s wise to purchase the next volume at a discount!


You could say I forgot a product, but if I buy it during Black Friday and start it in January … did I really forget? I can’t help that all teacher guides do not automatically include the student book. If you need to grab something you might have overlooked or replace a book that pulled a Houdini, Black Friday is the perfect time to pick it up.

Another Elective

Why not pick up a 1/2 credit high school elective to start in January? You can never have too many electives, and we have a great list to pick from.  Most summer sales occur at the end of summer. We have added electives to our shopping cart in November to start in May.

If you’re anything like me and have a love hate relationship with Black Friday consider the great savings on the things you absolutely need. Grab your homeschool curriculum this weekend!


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